Can you wear it 30 times?

The fashion industry produces 20 per cent of global wastewater, 10 per cent of global carbon emissions and textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of water globally. You can do something now to help reduce these numbers.

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Let's be honest: the garment industry is a mess.

Human Rights

The globalised garment industry creates a race to the bottom where the biggest losers are marginalised workers.


The constant turnover of seasons promotes unmaintainable purchasing habits in regular consumers like you and me.

Consumer behaviour

Continuously re-buying wardrobes at an accelerated pace puts your pocketbook in dire straits.


Originally started by Olivia Firth of Eco-Age, the #30wearschallenge is a way for regular people like you and me try to do something positive and embrace a more sustainable fashion industry.

The #30wearschallenge is all about wearing every piece of clothing you buy at least 30 times. And coincidentally, asking the question:

Will I wear that 30 times?

We think an app can help.

That's why we're building one, to help you track and inspire you to maximise how much you wear your clothes.

Mike Timofiiv

Javascript developer, indie maker

Tina Rogers

Garment industry activist